Bank Foreclosures

MLS NumberAddressSchool District

20171751 4695 Blocker Rd, MarshallElysian Fields
20170073425 Briar Grove, Murchison 
20176142 CR 262 N, HendersonHenderson ISD 
20176143CR 807, NacogdochesNacogdoches ISD
20175931CR 1612 , Mt. PleasantMt. Pleasant ISD
20175793 511 Dublin, TylerTyler ISD
201745974549 US Hwy 79, DeberryCarthage ISD
20174481801 Ida St., MarshallMarshall ISD
20175921379 Margaret Dr, MarshallMarshall ISD
20175321Penny Lane, MarshallMarshall ISD
20170100PR 2702, WaskomWaskom ISD
20173041363 PR 3474, Big SandyBig Sandy ISD
20174381807 Parkview, Kilgore  Kilgore ISD
20175321 209 Penny Lane, Marshall Marshall ISD
20173675508 Sutherland, TylerTyler ISD

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